Bruce Nagel + Partners Architects

Our project record in the institutional sphere includes public and private educational and recreational facilities, health and general service and utility facilities, and religious structures.

We have the experience and capability to provide both full services, from programming and design through preparation of documents, bidding and construction administration, and additional consultative services, such as preparation of special reports or assistance with governmental agency reviews.

As an architect for our institutional clients, whether represented by a group or an individual, whether complex and multi-faceted a client or not, we stress the development of a strong working relationship,to gain insight into my client's programmed needs.

From a careful and intensive examination and re-examination of the program, as well as the project site, the institution and its traditions, we seek to arrive at solutions which both in their organization and form assist our clients functionally and symbolically, and thereby give inspiration beyond mere accommodation.

During design, we place great emphasis as well on satisfaction of technical standards and needs, and for these we rely not only on our experience and knowledge, but on expert consulting engineers, as well as specialists in landscape architecture, health and food services, lighting design and cost consultation.

We have prepared and will prepare special reports on project master plans, feasibility, program, site analysis and budget, as well as on applicable reviewing agencies, and in our states and localities, due to the requirements of projects we have executed, and familiar with working with public agencies such as the State Education Department, the State Construction Fund, the State Department of Social Services (Bureau of Child Care) and the County Department of Health Services.

We are attentive to the special code requirements not only of these or other applicable agencies, but also to the federally-mandated standards, such as the A.D.A. standards for handicapped design, O.S.H.A. and N.F.P.A..

In carrying out our projects, we make a sustained effort through design, bidding and construction to both meet our client's program needs within the budget objectives and to achieve a solution that is not only physically durable but of lasting value to the institution.

We want our work to give our institutional clients not just the right plan for the right price, but also a heightened sense of what the institution is in the world and the unique place it happens to be.