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All the Benefits of Having Stucco Siding

If you’re looking to have a beautiful, new home built that stands out from others in the area, you should consider having it made of stucco. From the pioneers of ancient Greece comes a building material that is still beautiful and reliable to this day.
Stucco today is made from a handy recipe that calls for mixing cement, sand, water, limestone, and in some cases, natural fiber and acrylics for providing added strength and flexibility. This is a popular material that is very common among neighborhoods in the southwest. Every skilled home builder, with the help of Chicago residential architects should know how to perfect stucco and build with it to make quality backed buildings.
Here are all the benefits of having a stucco home for you to consider:
Stucco is Highly Affordable
Stucco might look costly, but it’s actually readily available and easy to make. Thus, it can actually work inside most homeowners’ budgets. Stucco siding can actually cost 25 percent as much as brick siding. Stucco is so versatile that homeowners can even use it to replace the siding of their existing home, which can change the look of the home and give it added durability.
Stucco Can Work with Other Materials
If there is another material you prefer, like brick or masonry, it will cost much more to make a home entirely of that material. What is great about stucco in this regard is that replacing a part of your primary material with stucco can save you money. Stucco can be installed alongside wood, brick, concrete, masonry, metal, and other materials, making problems during the home-building process minimal. Your skilled Chicago architect can come up with ideas for how to beautifully blend in stucco with your other materials of choice.
 Stucco’s Color Never Fades
Naturally, stucco always comes out a beautiful white, but a dye can also be added to it while being mixed so that it can become the color that you desire. Either way, stucco will not fade in color, as it is mixed in a clever way that does not allow its properties to diminish over time. If you have a finish or coat on your stucco, these applications will also last longer than applications on other building materials.
What is also unique about stucco is that it can also be made with textures. When applying stucco to walls, textures can be easily added before it dries. It does a good job imitating other building materials whether they are common or exotic. If you want concrete-smooth siding, home builders can definitely make stucco smooth as well to give off a solid appearance.
Stucco is Fire and Sound proof
In case of another Great Chicago Fire, you can rely on stucco for a safe building material that will not catch ablaze or melt. If something were to even catch fire from inside your home, the stucco can help limit the spread of fire.
Additionally, stucco is known to be a porous, sound-proof material. If you live near the highway or on a busy street, stucco with limit the amount of noise you hear so you can better relax and sleep when at home.
Stucco is a great siding material that looks wonderful on homes and comes with many other benefits. You can use stucco siding on its own or as a combination with other materials as a means to save money. Stucco isn’t without its flaws, as it is prone to mold and water damage, but there are easy things that home builders can do to prevent problems from occurring.

Posted Aug 21, 2019