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The Saltmeadow House was designed to fulfill a long time dream of both Jonathan and Bonnie Gray for a special custom home to be built on their property they owned for many years. After the untimely death of Jonathan and after several years had passed, Bonnie decided to undertake their dream home.

Albeit, a little smaller than Jonathan’s vision, the house was designed for Bonnie and her two 20 something sons.  The style was to be in the classic Hamptons shingle style and to maximize the viewed to the adjacent water and utilize the adjacent property that they had purchased. The plan is designed in a dog legged “L” configuration with a rounded tower at the hinge position. Upon entering the home there is a two story entry hall with an open vista through the living room to magnificent view to the rear gardens and the water beyond.

The result is a very picturesque design with a landscape of different roof shapes and garden terraces dictated by the need to conform to the FEMA regulations.